Philosophy of Mathematics Reading Group

Philosophy of Mathematics Reading Group

The reading group is a social event for any students interested in philosophy of mathematics and related subject matters (e.g., philosophy of geometry, analytic philosophy, etc.). The readings and venue change occasionally. The group is organized by Nathan Lackey; e-mail him for further details and to confirm scheduling of events.  

Spring 2016

Guest lector: Patrick Dieveney
Reading: Patrick Dieveney (2006), ‘Dispensability in the indispensability argument‘ 5:00pm • Monday, 18 April Philosophy Department Seminar Room (MHB–915)

Reading: Alfred North Whitehead (1925), ‘Mathematics as an element in the history of thought‘ (Science and the Modern World, ch. 2) 5:00pm • Monday, 14 March The Nugget (campus)

Reading: Bertrand Russell (1919), ‘The series of natural numbers’ and ‘Definition of number‘ (Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy, chs. 1-2) 5:00pm • Friday, 19 February Peet’s Coffee & Tea (Bella Terra 7821 Edinger Avenue, Huntington Beach CA 92647)

Reading: Arend Heyting (1964), ‘The intuitionist foundations of mathematics‘ 4:00pm • Thursday, 4 February The Nugget (campus)

Winter 2016

Reading: Rudolf Carnap (1931), ‘The logical foundations of mathematics‘ 4:00pm • Monday, 18 January O’Malley’s On Main (140 Main Street, Seal Beach CA 90740)

Fall 2015

Reading: Carl Hempel (1956), ‘On the nature of mathematical truth‘ 5:00pm • Thursday, 3 December The Nugget (campus)

Reading: Willard Van Orman Quine (1949), ‘Truth by convention‘ 2:00pm • Saturday, 21 November O’Malley’s On Main (140 Main Street, Seal Beach CA 90740)