The CSULB Department of Political Science has more than 600 students in one of our three academic programs: a Bachelor of Arts, a Minor, and a Master of Arts.  Our more than 30 faculty are passionate about teaching politics in the twenty-first century, offering courses that are directly relevant to the contemporary world.  Together we seek to provide our students the foundational knowledge and skills essential to understand and engage issues relevant to our common political life today. 

Our department also offers numerous programs and clubs, including Moot Court, Model United Nations, undergraduate and graduate student associations, and a chapter of the Pi Sigma Alpha National Honor Society.  Students can also explore internship and research opportunities, a Legal Studies certificate, scholarship possibilities, and much more. 

Click through the pages on our site to learn more about all of these programs and opportunities, gain help with advising, and become acquainted with our faculty, staff, students and alumni.  Connect with us on social media (links to the right) to ensure you do not miss any of our events, successes, and news!

Office Hours:

The main departmentoffice(SPA-257) is open four days a week (currently, Monday-Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm).  If we are not in when you stop by, please reach out via email and we will be glad to follow up with you in whatever form is needed.  General contact information is on the right sidebar, and specific email addresses are below.


The Department of Political Science partners with the College of Liberal Arts Advising Center/ATLAS to provide all Political Science major and minor advising.  Visit the ATLAS website for advising services, hours, and contact information at: www.csulb.edu/atlas


Department Chair: Dr. Amy Cabrera Rasmussen (Amy.Rasmussen@csulb.edu)

Department Coordinator: Ty Yim (Socheatey.Yim@csulb.edu)

Department Administrative Assistant: Julia Castro (Julia.Castro@csulb.edu)


Department of Political Science

Open Period

November 20, 2023 – December 11, 2023

Evaluation of Candidates for

2023/24 Periodic Mini Evaluation (PME)

Faculty, students, academic administrators, and the President may contribute information to the evaluation of a faculty unit employee. Information submitted by the faculty unit employee and academic administrators may include statements and opinions about qualifications and work of the candidate by other persons identified by name. Letters or memoranda that contain statements of opinion or allegations of fact by unnamed persons cannot be accepted. All information must be submitted via the University Standard tool to the Department Chair or Department Committee Chair at Amy.Rasmussen@csulb.edu by December 11, 2023, for candidates undergoing review.  Department Chair or Department Committee Chair shall ensure that the candidate is provided with a copy of all materials submitted during the Open Period.

The following individuals are candidates for 2023/24 Periodic Mini Evaluation (PME) evaluation