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There are so many things to think about, like:

  • Is a legal career really right for me?
  • What kinds of students are law schools looking for?
  • What is law school like?
  • What steps do I need to take to get into a good law school?
  • How will I pay for law school once I get accepted?

And many more questions you don’t even know you should ask.

So here are some things that can help:

Follow the CSULB Prelaw Advising LinkedIn Page.  

Regularly updated information from your Prelaw Advisor about news, events and resources students and alumni interested in law school. [NOTE: Currently not maintained while Dr. Whitehead is on leave].

Take the Prelaw Preparation Course

To help you get the answers to all your law school related questions, we have an innovative approach here at CSULB.  It’s a sequence of 5-week, 1-unit credit/no credit courses called the Law School Readiness sequence.  These courses are open to students of any major and they are offered every semester.  You can take all 3 in one semester, take them all in different semesters, or just take one or two.  The first course, C/LA 394A: What Does Law School Entail? covers legal careers and what law school is like, including some mock law school classes to get you ready.  The second course, C/LA 394B: Be a Successful Applicant, deals with all the details of the application process, including writing a personal statement, getting letters of recommendation, etc.  And the third and final course, C/LA 394C: Admissions & Financial Aid, covers law school admissions and financial aid decisions, as well as how to successfully negotiating with law schools.  The sequence of courses is offered by the College of Liberal Arts and you will find them listed in the Schedule of Classes under “L” for “Liberal Arts.”

Make a Prelaw Advising Appointment [inactive until Fall 2024 while Dr. Whitehead is on leave].

The Prelaw Preparation course is the best, most comprehensive, way to get the information you need for law school.  If, for some reason, the course doesn’t work for you, you can also set up an appointment to speak with the Prelaw Advisor about the details of your particular situation. 

Check out Some Prelaw Resources:

Wherever you are in the process of thinking about or applying to law school, check out the following helpful resources:

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