Master of Arts

Master of Arts in Political Science

 A Master’s degree in political science provides a strong foundation for careers in government, political consulting, the law, academics, business, international organizations, education, and public service. A political science M.A. can be the basis for further study leading to a law degree, Ph.D., or other advanced degree.

The Political Science M.A Program at CSULB is a program for ambitious students interested in national and international politics. Our program allows students to acquire conceptual depth, learn methodological tools, and further develop their critical thinking abilities. The program is taught by instructors who do research on a variety of topics with contemporary political relevance.

An M.A. in Political Science at CSULB Offers…


An M.A. in Political Science at CSULB is a good investment. A student can complete a degree in only two years, and for a relatively affordable cost. In fact, CSULB’s tuition/fees for M.A. students are among the lowest in the country.

Alumni Success

Many of our students have done very well after completing their degrees with us. We have former students in law school and in Ph.D. programs, as well as working in the private sector, government, NGOs, and education. For examples, see our Alumni Page

An Ideal Schedule for Working Students

Each of our graduate seminars are held once a week, from 5:00-7:45 p.m.

Paid Graduate Assistant Positions

Our M.A. students have the opportunity of applying to work as paid graduate assistants every semester they are in the program. As a graduate assistant in one of our Introduction to American Government courses, a student gains first-hand experience grading, conducting review sessions, and holding weekly office hours. This is also an invaluable opportunity to work closely with a faculty member.

Personalized Attention from Faculty

All of the faculty teaching in our graduate program are tenured or tenure-track, and we are all enthusiastic about teaching and mentoring our graduate students. Each student chooses a committee of two faculty members who, together with the program coordinator, work closely with the student.

Political Science Graduate Student Association

The Political Science Graduate Student Association provides a supportive and engaging intellectual and social environment for our M.A. students. The group meets twice a month, and regularly holds mixers, panels on various topics, roundtables, and film screenings. The PSGSA also provides valuable leadership opportunities.

Research Experience

Our faculty often are in need of research assistance for on-going projects, and our students often have opportunities to work with faculty. Furthermore, some of our students are able to develop independent research projects with the support of our faculty. These opportunities can turn into papers and conference presentations!

Small Seminars

We have a small M.A. program, and this allows us to have only small seminars. The structure of the program makes it possible for students to work closely with classmates and professors. Our small seminar setting is ideal for active class discussions and in-depth analysis. 

Teaching Practicum

Our M.A. students have the option of completing a teaching practicum for credit (3 units) toward their degree. A teaching practicum allows a student to work with a community college professor, and gives our students the possibility of gaining teaching experience in a college classroom.


Admissions Schedule

Admission deadline: October 1 (accepted applicants will begin the program in Spring semester)

Admission deadline: January 15 (accepted applicants will begin the program in Fall semester)


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