Minor Requirements

Political Science minor:

Political science minors must take a minimum of 15 units in the department. These must include:

  • POSC 100, Introduction to American Government (or POSC 391, American Government): 3 units
  • 12 additional upper-division (300- and 400-level) political science units. Any upper division course may be used to satisfy this requirement, but students may only use three units of an internship course (POSC 418, POSC 447, POSC 448, POSC 496, or POSC 498). May include no more than three units (each) of POSC 378 and POSC 417.

POSC Minor Requirements Worksheet

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Public Administration minor:

The minor in Public Administration is available to any non-political science major.  Requirements: 21 units required

  • Any five of the following: POSC 300, 326, 327,328, 329, 430, 431, 432, 447, 448, 498
  • 6 additional units from any 300-400 level POSC courses