Welcome to the Political Science Department’s internships page! We are excited you are interested in pursuing internship opportunities. Please look over this page to find out more about the Department’s internship courses and how to earn course credit through an internship. 

The Political Science Department has two internship courses: POSC 447 (Fall) and POSC 448 (Spring). By working 90 hours at an internship and completing coursework associated with POSC 447 or POSC 448, you can earn 3.0 units of credit towards the major in Political Science. Students can enroll in both POSC 447 and POSC 448 and earn a total of 6.0 units by completing both courses and 180 hours of work. Additionally, POSC 447 and POSC 448 satisfy the practicum requirement for the Political Science major.

To enroll in POSC 447 or POSC 448, your internship must meet several Department requirements. First, the internship must be with an organization that has a political aspect to its mission. Many types of organization fit this description including law offices, political campaigns, local/federal government, and many non-profits. Second, the internship must involve meaningful work—volunteer positions with non-specific duties do not qualify. Third, the internship must be tracked by a supervisor that will monitor your progress at the internship site. 

To enroll in POSC 447 or POSC 448, you must already have an internship lined up and that internship must be approved by the Department’s internship director. If you are actively looking for an internship, please see the listed opportunities and resources below.

When you are ready to enroll in the course—or if you have any questions or concerns about finding an internship—please contact the Department’s internship director, Dr. Charles Mahoney.

Internship Director: Dr. Charles Mahoney

Current Internship Opportunities

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Student Internship Profiles

Luis Flores – Internship with L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti