James Amirkhan

James H. Amirkhan









Ph.D., UCLA; MA, CSU Northridge; BA, Reed College

Office: PSY 335

Phone: 562-985-5351
Email: james.amirkhan@csulb.edu
Websites: Teaching Ratings
Research Grant Project
Articles and Scales
Stress and Coping Lab   
Classes: Psy 314 Assessment
Psy 356 Personality
Psy 458 Current Issues in Personality
Psy 656 Graduate Seminar in Personality

Current Projects:  Ongoing validation of the Stress Overload Scale (SOS; Amirkhan, 2012), and investigation of the feasibility of a short version of the SOS.  Updating items on the Coping Strategy Indicator (CSI; Amirkhan, 1990, 1994).  Using these scales to identify incoming freshmen at risk for academic failure, and other applications.

The SOS and the CSI, their scoring schemes and supporting literature are available at no charge, either at the link above or by e-mailing me directly.  The only conditions are: (1) they will be used for research or humanitarian purposes only, and (2) they will not be reproduced in their entirety in any publications or theses.