How to Become a Psychology Major

How to Major in Psychology

The Psychology Department is impacted, students that want to declare Psychology as their major, second major or minor must meet the following requirements. To declare psychology students must meet all prerequisites, as listed below and go into ATLAS (Ph1 room 104) and see an ATLAS Advisor:

  • To declare Psychology as your Only Major, you will need an Overall GPA of at least 2.5.
  • To declare Psychology as your SECOND Major, you will need ALL FOUR of your GPAs (Overall, CSULB, Psychology, and other major GPA) to be at least a 2.5.
  • To declare Psychology as your MINOR, you will need ALL FOUR of your GPAs (Overall, CSULB, Psychology, and other major GPA) to be at least a 2.5.

Plus a grade of C or better in:

  • PSY 100 – General Psychology
  • PSY 110/210 – Intro Statistics*
  • PSY 220 – Psychology Research Methods**

or their equivalents

*Yes we accept SOC 250, HDEV 250, and CLA 250 for PSY 110/210. We do NOT accept Stat or Math 108.

**We do not accept any other research methods courses at CSULB, students need to take PSY 220 or a community college equivalent (found on

All degree requirements must be completed by 144 total units, students adding or changing majors/minors after 90 units may need to complete additional paperwork.

Please consult for community college equivalents. Students from 4-year colleges and universities will need to have their potentially equivalent courses approved by the PRO Supervisors by accessing this website:
Students who complete these prerequisites are guaranteed admission to the major if they meet these requirements.

Students also need to have completed PSY 301 with a passing grade (D or better) no later than the end of their first year in the major, or they will be dropped from the major. (PSY 301 is also a prerequisite for registering for 400-level Psychology courses.)

Please note: Students will be allowed to apply to impacted majors only twice at CSULB. This means that students who either transfer to CSULB as Psychology majors or apply while at CSULB, and subsequently lose their major status, will be allowed to reapply to the Psychology major only once more.

How to Become a Psychology Major If You Are Currently Attending CSULB

Visit ATLAS – the College of Liberal Arts’ Advising Center in PH1 room 104 once you meet the admission requirements (2.5 GPA and PSY 100, 110/210, and 220 with a grade of C or better). An ATLAS Advisor will add you to the psychology major once you meet the requirements.

How to Become a Psychology Major if you are Transferring to CSULB

Eligibility Requirements for Transferring as a Psychology Major

  1. A grade of “C” or better in PSY 100 (General Psychology), PSY 110/210 (Statistics) and PSY 220 (Research Methods), or their equivalents. Please consult¬†for California community college equivalents.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 60 semester units of degree credit, including all lower-division General Education requirements, with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5. Eligible applicants may be selected for admission on the basis of cumulative grade point average and space available. (That GPA may be considerably greater than the current 2.5.) Questions about transferring to CSULB as a psychology major should be sent to CSULB’s Admission‘s department.

SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising and Registration)

It is highly recommended that new transfer students attend a CLA (College of Liberal Arts) SOAR session, typically offered during the summer and during the winter sessions.

The SOAR program not only allows attending transfer students to register earlier than those who do not attend, but ATLAS provides advising and registration assistance at the CLA sessions. Please register for SOAR as soon as possible, as these sessions fill up quickly.

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