fall 2014 ma research students

Master of Arts in Psychology, Option in Psychological Research Students
Fall 2014 Entry

Fall 2014 MAPR Students  


Sergio Aguilera, MA     

Hometown: Bell, CA
BA (Liberal Arts), Saint John’s University
Research area interests: Social/Developmental (bullying)
Personal interests: Hiking, reading, napping and drawing  


Menchie Caliboso, MA    

Hometown: Long Beach, CA
BM (Music Therapy), Berklee College of Music
Research area interests: Stress, Health and Intervention
Personal interests: Music, community advocacy, social entrepreneurship  
Thesis: Does Understanding and Adhering to a Stress Management Program Affect Stress Outcomes  

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Christina Curti, MA    

Hometown: Fresno, CA
BA (Psychology), UC Santa Barbara
Research area interests: Identity, Interest development
Personal interests: Reading, fitness, cooking  
Thesis: Talking About Science Interests: The Importance of Feedback Appraisals when Students Talk about Their Interests in STEM  


Jennifer Ellison, MA    

Hometown: Chino Hills, CA
BS (Psychology), Arizona State University
Research area interests: Aggression
Personal interests: Bike riding, beach  
Thesis: The Mediation Effect of Relationship Quality on the Association of Cognitive Behavioral Stress Management and Reduction of Stress During Pregnancy  

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Cassandra Gearhart, MA   

Hometown: Lincoln, NE
BA (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Mindfulness; Meditation; Coping
Personal interests: Dance, music, cycling, photography  
Thesis: Mental Health Professionals’ Lived Experiences of Metta (Loving-Kindness) Meditation  

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Isidro Landa, Jr., MA    

Hometown: South Los Angeles, CA
BA (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Social Identity and Emotion
Personal interests: Biking, soccer, Krav maga  
Thesis: Identity Integration: Social and Value Congruity and Science Engagement Among Latino Students  

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Pauline Nowatka Goger, MA       

Hometown: Dorsten, Germany
BA (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Depression, Stress, Coping, Anxiety
Personal interests: Traveling, reading, hiking  
Thesis: The Influence of Maternal Psychological Control on Mental Health in Youth and Emerging Adult Children  


Bryant Salinas  

Hometown: North Hollywood, CA
BA (Psychology), CSU Los Angeles
Research area interests: Neuropharmacology
Personal interests: Photography, bike riding 


Meagan Suen, MA      

Hometown: La Puente, CA
BA (Psychology), CSU Fullerton
Research area interests: Cognitive Aging, Neuropsychology, PTSD
Personal interests: Photography, museums, foodie adventures    

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