fall and spring 2015 ma research students

Master of Arts in Psychology, Option in Psychological Research Students
Spring and Fall 2015 Entry  

Spring and Fall 2015 MAPR Students  


Chelsea Barnes  

Hometown: San Jose, CA
BA (Psychology), San Jose State University
Research area interests: Military trauma, Mindfulness
Personal interests: Swimming, music, reading  

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Luma Bashmi, MA      

Hometown: Riffa, Bahrain
MA (Marketing & Communications), London College of Communications; University of the Arts – London
Research area interests: Judgment and Decision-making, Theory of Planned Behavior and Healthy Eating, Health-related Behaviors, Stress and Coping, Cross-cultural Psychology
Personal interests: Ashtanga yoga, spinning, swimming, fitness, fine art (Renaissance and Contemporary)  
Thesis: Constructing an Arabic Language Version of the Stress Overload Scale (SOS)   

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Emily Bates   

Hometown: McLean, VA
BA (Psychology), James Madison University
Research area interests: Psychopharmacology, Clinical Neuropsych
Personal interests: Cooking, reading, swimming  


Graham Bowers, MA       

Hometown: Long Beach, CA
BS (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Cognition, Emotion
Personal interests: Friends, art, travel  
Thesis: Examining Relationships among Freshman Stress Overload, Coping Strategies, and Academic Performance   


Ronald Flores, MA     

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
BA (Psychology and Mathematics), UCLA
Research area interests: Identity, Motivation
Personal interests: Martial arts, travel  
Thesis: Patching the United States STEM Pipeline: How a Person-Centered Analysis of “Fit” Supports Undergraduate Science Career Motivation     

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Christopher Gunderson, MA      

Hometown: San Diego, CA
BA (Psychology), San Diego State University
Research area interests: Aggression
Personal interests: Linux, pool, audio production, jiu jit su  
Thesis: The Moderating Effect of Type of Target on the Relationship between Collective Rumination and Displaced Aggression   

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Eunji Kong, MA      

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
BA (Psychology), UC Berkeley
Research area interests: Community Psychology
Personal interests: Sewing, knitting, reading  
Thesis: Academic Success for Students Exposed to Parental Intimate Partner Violence  


Preethi Panyam, MA      

Hometown: San Jose, CA
BA (Neuroscience), BA (Psychology), UC Santa Cruz
Research area interests: Women’s / Community Mental Health
Personal interests: Music  
Thesis: Social Support as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Sex Hormones and Mental Health During Pregnancy    

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Bryan Salgado, MA   

Hometown: Norwalk CA
BA (Psychology & Social Behavior), UC Irvine
Research area interests: Minority Mental Health
Personal interests: Exploring places, playing soccer  
Thesis: Patterns of Collaboration between Indigenous and Nonindigenous Mexican Children   


Andrew Taylor, MA     

Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
BA (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Aggression, Rumination, Ego Depletion
Personal interests: Fishing, backpacking, baseball  
Thesis: Let’s Talk About It: Collective Remination’s Effect on Aggression       

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Chris Vardeman, MA     

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
BA (Psychology), University of New Mexico
Research area interests: Behavior on Social Media, Cognition, Social Psychology
Personal interests: Reading, music, hiking 
Thesis: Me, My Selfie, and I: Personality Traits’ Influence on Online Self-Portrait Sharing