fall and spring 2016 ma research students

Master of Arts in Psychology, Option in Psychological Research Students
Fall and Spring 2016 Entry

Fall 2016 MAPR Students 


Audrey Carrillo, MA   

Hometown: Covina, CA  
BA (Psychology), CSULB  
Research area interests: Memory, Learning, Attention   
Personal interests: Running, World of Warcraft, Game of Thrones, statistics, ice hockey (Go Kings!)   
Thesis: When Danger Crashes the Cocktail Party: An Investigation into the Attentional Bias Towards Evolutionary Threats      


Jeremy Feiger, MA    

Hometown: Agoura Hills, CA  
BA (Psychology), CSULB   
Research area interests: Mental disorders, Neuropsychology, Aggression, Violence   
Personal interests: None stated 
Thesis: The Impact of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders, and Neurocognitive Deficits on Violent Crime        

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Michelle Frankot, MA        

Hometown: Tucson, AZ   
BA (Psychology), Point Loma Nazarene University
Research area interests: Neuroscience   
Personal interests: Playing music, soccer, hiking   
Thesis: The Effects of a High-Energy Diet, Fasting, and Peptide Signaling on Ingestive Behavior     

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Zenny Hernandez     

Hometown: Bell Gardens, CA
BS (Psychology), CSULB
Research area interests: Suicide and Stress
Personal interests: Reading, soccer, exploring new places  


Vance Kleeman      

Hometown: Pasadena, CA   
BA (Psychology), Univ of Montana Western   
Current research area interests: Well-being in the elderly   
Personal interests: Basketball, baseball, football, reading   


Christina Logan, MA      

Hometown: Long Beach, CA   
BA (Psychology), CSULB    
Current research area interests: Clinical Child psychology, Internalizing disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Stress and coping   
Personal interests: Yoga, health/fitness, veganism   
Thesis: Parenting Behaviors and Youth Anxiety Symptoms Across Ethnicity     

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M. Anais Martinez, MA       

Hometown: Calexico, CA  
BA (Psychology), San Diego State   
Research area interests: Gender, Sexuality   
Personal interests: Drawing, writing fiction, dancing, reading books, TV   
Thesis: Gender and Ethnic Variation in Dating Socialization and its Impact on Romantic Relationships  

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Andrew Phou, MA      

Hometown: Long Beach, CA   
BA (Psychology), UC Irvine   
Research area interests: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Emotional disorders, Developmental Psychology   
Personal interests: Sports (basketball, badminton), camping, hiking, food  

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Hugo Sanchez, MA      

Hometown: Gardena, CA  
BA (Psychology), BA (Cinema), CSULB   
Current research area interests: Health and Well-Being, Emotion Regulation   
Personal interests: Film, hiking   
Thesis: The Moderating Effect of Social Support on the Association Between Pregnant Women’s Mindfulness and Perceived Stress Reactivity   

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Daniel Shultz, MA     

Hometown: Long Beach CA   
BA (Philosophy), BA (Psychology), CSULB   
Current research area interests: Gender non-conformity   
Personal interests: Yoga, makeup artistry, drawing   


Grace Thornburgh   

Hometown: Long Beach, CA   
BA (Psychology), BA (Social Work), CSULB   
Research area interests: Maternal Health, Chronic Stress, Mindfulness, Parenting Behaviors   
Personal interests: Yoga, dance, travel, cooking  


Sarah Velasco, MA      

Hometown: Long Beach, CA   
BA (Psychology), CSULB   
Research area interests: Stress, Positive Psychology    
Personal interests: Rock climbing, hiking, reading   

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