MAPR Program Requirements


One of the following STATISTICAL courses:

  • PSY 511 Statistical Design & Analysis
  • PSY 512 Multivariate Statistical Analysis

The following two courses:

  • PSY 596 Proseminar on Graduate Research
  • PSY 696 Research Methods in Psychology

MA IN PSYCHOLOGICAL RESEARCH SEMINAR courses (three of the following):  

  • PSY 631 Perception/Physiological Psychology *   
  • PSY 632 Learning
  • PSY 633 Perception
  • PSY 634 Cognition 
  • PSY 651 Social Psychology   
  • PSY 656 Personality    
  • PSY 661 Developmental Psychology   
  • PSY 673 Clinical Psychology   
  • PSY 678 Health, Behavior and Intervention
    * MAPR Seminars are typically taught every other year; courses with * are not in the current Seminar rotation.

Six units of Thesis (PSY 698)
All MAPR students are required to conduct an original empirical investigation for their thesis.   Six units of credit are given for the project.

Two Elective Courses
Six units of graduate-level work to total 30 units (i.e., additional statistics course, additional research course, additional seminar, or graduate level courses from the Psychology department or in related fields outside Psychology with approval of the Graduate Advisor).

Colloquia Attendance
Attendance at a minimum of six department Colloquia during the graduate program.