MSHF Prerequisite Course Descriptions





PSY 310 – Intermediate Statistics

Basic theoretical concepts of statistics and use of these concepts in selection and development of model testing, hypothesis testing and parameter estimation procedures. Both single measure (univariate) and correlation (bivariate) concepts are included.
*Note:  Applicants must have 2 semesters or 3 quarters of statistical coursework.

PSY 331 – Sensation and Perception

Introduction to the scientific study of sensory processes and perceptual principles from a psychophysical and physiological perspective, and the methods used to investigate them. Topics may include vision, audition, psychophysics, and object and space perception.

PSY 332 – Human Cognition

Study of higher-order processes basic to the acquisition of knowledge. Includes thinking, problem solving, creativity, information processing, decision making, judgment, concepts and imagination.


Important: Students lacking only PSY 310 may be admitted to the program but must be completed by the end of your first semester in the program.