Internships in Psychology

Psy 405: Internships in Psychology will not be offered in Spring 2024, but there are other options for students who wish to complete an internship.

The CLA Internship Office holds advising hours where students can receive help finding an internship. They also maintain a list of internships that have been approved by the university, and many of them do not require you to be enrolled in a class to participate:

If you do run into an internship that requires concurrent enrollment in a class, CLA 492 is another way to get internship credit: CLA 492 does not have any prerequisites, and you can enroll directly during the standard class enrollment period without needing to complete an application or get instructor consent. However, CLA 492 will not count as one of the 400 level classes required by the Psychology major.

You can also contact the Career Development Center and the Academic Internship Office for other programs: Students who graduated from a Long Beach high school are eligible to apply to the Long Beach Community Internship Program and students interested in climate action and environmental justice, food insecurity, and K-12 education may apply to College Corps, both of which provide paid internship opportunities.

If you have any further questions about internship opportunities in the college, feel free to email You may also direct questions to Dr. Courtney Ahrens in the Psychology department: