Study Abroad Opportunities

Why Study Abroad?

Students Studying Abroad

  • Students who study abroad say it was the most important experience of their college career.
  • Employers value Study Abroad experience, and students who Study Abroad are twice as likely to be hired upon graduation.
  • Studying abroad is less expensive than taking a summer class and then travelling on your own, and you can use Financial Aid to pay for the program.
  • Studying abroad enhances your learning of course material while learning about another culture.
  • You develop close relationships with fellow Study Abroad participants and the professor (who can then serve as an excellent reference for jobs and graduate school)
  • Learn more about studying abroad

Recently Offered Psychology Courses:

Social Psychology (PSY 351) 

How do social, environmental, and cognitive factors shape our thoughts, feelings, and actions? This 4-week Social Psychology course is designed to answer these questions in a uniquely immersive fashion by combining traditional modes of education with a healthy dose of applied, “real world” experiential learning. As a study abroad course, the socio-cultural landscape of the United Kingdom – specifically, Oxford – serves as an extension of the classroom. Tucked between London and the Cotswolds, the ancient city of Oxford is known as the “city of dreaming spires.” Oxford is home to renowned museums, architecture, and cultural sites, including the oldest and most prestigious university in the English speaking world. Few cities can claim to have been the inspiration for so many icons of popular culture – Narnia, the Shire, Wonderland, Camelot, and Hogwarts, among others. This study abroad course culminates in a 3-day excursion to Belfast, Northern Ireland, to understand the Northern Irish conflict (“The Troubles,” 1968-1998) through a social psychological lens.

Abnormal Psychology (PSY 370)

This course provides an overview of the basic phenomena and principles of abnormal psychology and an introduction to the description, etiology, and treatment of various psychological disorders. A supplemental goal is to help students, psychology and non-psychology majors, develop mental health literacy needed to be smart consumers of mental health services. For the summer study abroad program, these topics will be examined from an international perspective, and the course will include several academic field trips to local organizations who are working to address these issues in the Rhineland area of Germany. This course will also include field trips to the House of Humanity and the International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands where the students will learn about the international response to the plight of refugees and migrant workers and the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp in Berlin where they will witness the atrocities of the World War II and the Holocaust.

Interpersonal Violence (PSY 471)

This 4 or 5 week study-abroad class paired students with host families in Bonn, Germany. Students met daily for class meetings, guest lectures, and field trips to community organizations in Bonn, the Netherlands, and France with a particular focus on understanding and addressing child abuse, youth violence, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, elder abuse, and human trafficking. Cultural outings to local castles, palaces, and recreational sites were also offered, and students were given two free weekends to travel on their own.

Students Studying Abroad

How to Apply:

  • Program-specific applications may be completed on the CSULB Study Abroad Portal
  • Complete both the Applicant Information and Questionnaire portion of the application
  • Accepted students will be notified by the instructor leading the trip

Students Studying AbroadPaying for Study Abroad

  • Total-costs vary by program, but generally include CSULB tuition, travel insurance fees, program fees (including housing, food, and excursions), and airfare
  • Financial aid may be used to pay for Study Abroad Expenses
  • Students may also apply for scholarships such as the CSULB Associated Students Scholarship (up to $750), the Gilman Scholarship (up to $4,000), the Freeman Asia Scholarship (up to $3,000), a Generation Study Abroad Travel Grant (up to $2,000), or one of many other scholarships available to study abroad students. Some program specific scholarships are also available;  see individual program websites for information
  • Go Fund Me and other crowd-sourcing platforms are also a great way to raise funds, or consider some of these other creative fundraising ideas that have worked for past CSULB students