Why students chose the CSULB, MAPR Program

There are numerous reasons to choose to apply to Cal State Long Beach for the Masters of Arts in Psychological Research. Here are some first-hand experiences from our current students. 


picture of MAPR student Angie Stanger

Angie Stanger

“I was an undergraduate here at CSULB and the relationships I formed with my professors via the classroom and research setting really made applying to the MAPR program a no-brainer. I am treated as a colleague and a friend here by my mentors and I have really enjoyed the seamless transition into graduate studies due to their guidance.” -Angie Stanger

“The faculty at CSULB truly care about their student’s success and the mentorship model they employ in the MAPR program is ideal for preparing students for success in a PhD program.” -Zachary Tuttle

Picture of MAPR student Valerie Vessels

Valerie Vessels

“I chose the MAPR program at CSULB for the faculty and their research. There are so many to choose from who have interesting research topics, and it made me want to attend Cal State Long Beach more than any other campus.”- Valerie Vessels

“I am a 2nd year in the MAPR program and I chose it because I needed a program that bridged the gap between my knowledge as a college graduate and a prospective Ph.D. student. I felt that the mentorship model, supportive professors, small class sizes, and opportunities to participate in research and on campus involvements was a healthy balance that supported my personal and professional development.”- Sukhy Rekhi