Carlos Mayerstein


M.A. Spanish 2019 – California State University Long Beach | B.A. International Relations – Universidad de las Américas Puebla
Study Abroad: Rio de Janeiro

One on One Spanish Instructor



How did your studies in language and culture prepare you for your current job?

I teach one-on-one Spanish online for CSULB Language Training Center Initiative and a Spanish School in Marin County. Both of my jobs require me to teach the language using authentic and culturally relevant materials from the Spanish-speaking world. Due to my academic background and experience in language and culture, I can easily create personalized lessons for each of my students, and to engage with them in fruitful conversations on topics ranging from history, literature, politics, economics, technology, and media to current social and cultural events taking place in Latin America, the United States, and the Spanish peninsula.

Do you have any advice for students considering language and culture study?

Besides acquiring fluency in another language, studying culture and language not only will make you more conscious of your surroundings and aware of other cultures, but you can also apply that knowledge to different professional areas besides language teaching such as translation and localization for tech and media companies, government jobs, or advertising. Take advantage of the opportunities offered during the language program and get involved in extracurricular activities as much as possible. You will find these experiences useful in the future as a professional.