Information for Undocumented and DACA Students


In light of the recent developments following the election and feedback from faculty and students in the department about undocumented and DACA students worrying greatly about their future, we want to let students know that the Department of RGRLL would like to provide a “safe haven” for students to congregate, talk and in general feel welcome. For this purpose, students can use the tables and chairs in the faculty office area and are welcome to come to talk to us. Members of the department are working with faculty across disciplines and Associate Dean Dan O’Connor to collect current and accurate information about issues related to undocumented and DACA students on campus and in the community. Please feel free to come to talk to us or go to any of the on-campus resources listed below that are there to help you in these difficult times. 




Useful Links:

California-Mexico Studies Center, Inc.

Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic Message and Links

American Immigration Council

American Immigration Council Memo (2/20/2017)

President Obama on DACA students

My (UN) documented life Blog

National Immigration Law Center on DACA

Call for Educators and Institutions To Protect Immigrants

MALDEF (The Latino Legal Voice for Civil Rights in America) FAQ

The Department of Chicano and Latino Studies (CSULB)

Open Letter to the Faculty, Staff and Students of the California State University from Chancellor Timothy P. White

UC, CSU and CCC Open Letter to President-Elect Trump regarding DACA Students

American Council on Education, DACA Students, “Sanctuary Campuses,” and Institutional or Community Assistance

Dreams of undocumented young people start to crumble after Trump victory

The Truth About Young Immigrants and DACA Petition: Tell U.S. Mayors: Protect Undocumented Immigrants – Declare Your City a Sanctuary of Safety! 

CSULB’s first Undocumented 5k hosted marathon

Breaking Fronteras: First Undocu5k at CSU Long Beach (VIDEO)


CSULB Cultural Resource Centers:


African Student Cultural Resource Center 

Location: FO4-274

Phone Number: (562) 985-1797


American Indian Student Cultural Resource Center

Location: FO4-282

Phone Number: (562) 985-1879


Asian Pacific Islander Student Cultural Resource Center

Location: FO4-277

Phone Number: (562) 985-1812


Chicano and Latino Studies Student Association (CHLSSA)

Location: LA5-351

Phone Number: (562) 985-7689


LGBT Resource Center

Location: FO4-165

Phone Number: (562) 985-4585


Office of Multicultural Affairs

Location: USU-301

Phone Number: (562) 985-7032


Multicultural Center

Location: FO3

Phone Number: (562) 985-8150


Raza Student Cultural Resource Center

Location: FO4-262

Phone Number: (562) 985-7683


Additional CSULB Resources:


Counseling and Psychological Services – (562) 985-4001

Disabled Student Services – (562) 985-5401

Dream Success Center – (562) 985-5869

Office of Equity and Diversity – (562) 985-8256

Student Health Services – (562) 985-4771

Women’s and Gender Equity – (562) 985-8576