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As a language that is spoken on five continents and in over fifty countries, French opens up the world to you for your educational, professional, and leisure opportunities. It is one of the major languages of culture, commerce, international relations, and diplomacy. In the French program at CSULB, you will learn real-world proficiency and socio-cultural competency; beyond that, students of French learn essential critical thinking skills, analytical reasoning, and adaptability. The ability to speak both English and French is an asset that can help you find a job with many multi-national companies that use French as their working language in sectors as varied as tourism, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, fashion, luxury goods, automotive, aeronautics, energy, transport, defense. Whatever career path you choose, studying French will prepare you to face the challenges and opportunities of the job market in this increasingly globalized world.




Why French @ The Beach

You will be welcomed into an active community that likes to have fun while exploring multiple dimensions of culture, literature, and, of course, language. You will enjoy:

SMALL CLASS SIZES. Classes in French average under 20 students

PERSONALIZED ATTENTION. You’ll get to know every faculty member and student in the department. We’re big enough for a wide range of interests, but small enough to form a real community.

FRENCH FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS. If you are a Spanish speaker, you can learn French faster, since they are related languages sharing the same roots. We offer targeted elementary instruction in French For Spanish Speakers.

THE OPPORTUNITY TO EASILY DOUBLE-MAJOR OR MINOR. French pairs perfectly as a double major or minor to hundreds of other academic programs at The Beach: Linguistics, International Studies, Art History, Political Science (Global Politics track), Music, Business, Journalism, Mathematics, Economics, other languages...even the sciences.

PREPARATION FOR ANY JOB. Not just ones focused on French but also in a wide variety of other fields like international business, publishing, finance, education, and the arts.

HONOR SOCIETY. Eligible students can become inductees of Zeta Theta, the CSULB chapter of the National French Honor Society, Pi Delta Phi.

STUDY ABROAD. Ready for a life-changing experience? We have year-long programs through CSUIP in France (Paris and Aix-en-Provence), semester-long direct exchange programs in France (Paris and Rouen) and Switzerland (Lausanne). If you prefer another Francophone destination with a private provider (Morocco, Senegal, and beyond), we will work with you to figure out your transfer credit. Plus, we have lots of scholarship funds designated for students in our program.

THE BEST OF THE BEACH IN ONE DEPARTMENT. Our program is housed in the most vibrant department in the College of Liberal Arts, with more Student Clubs and intellectual and social events than free time on your calendar!

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Long Beach is located at the southern tip of Los Angeles County and sits—as its name suggests—along the Pacific. There’s surf, sun and sand galore, along with many regional parks, cultural venues, and sporting events happening year-round (including hosting four events during the 2028 Olympics!).


The Master of Arts in French and Francophone Studies provides advanced knowledge of French and Francophone literature, its history, and major writers and works, combined with the aims and methods of scholarly research in the field. While some of our MA graduates go on to doctoral study in literature, others pursue careers in education, translation, international brand or event management, public health, development, and business. 

  • 30 unit degree
  • limited number of Teaching Associate positions available to qualified candidates
  • training in language pedagogy provided
  • study abroad opportunities
  • teaching exchange opportunity at the University of Rouen (France)


French Graduate Advisor

Dr. Aparna Nayak 



RGRLL's French and Francophone Studies program offers classes in spoken and written French, cinema, translation, phonetics, literature and culture through small, highly interactive classes. Films and special events showcase the literatures and cultures of French-speaking world regions. Students in the program are strongly encouraged to study abroad for a summer, a semester, or a full year. There are quality affordable programs at the CSU level and through campus exchange programs.

This major requires 35 upper-division units in French and 2 years of a second foreign language (you may test out of this requirement if you have intermediate proficiency in another language).

Students who choose to major in French and Francophone Studies find many career opportunities open to them. Recent graduates have gone on to the credential program, law school or business school, to work for the U.S. State Department, and some continue their graduate studies in French. Whatever career appeals to you, proficiency in French will assuredly be an advantage.

Some Careers Our Graduates Have Pursued: 

  • Communications, Digital Media, Public Relations
  • Translation
  • Linguistics
  • Marketing
  • Diplomacy and foreign service
  • Post-secondary and secondary education
  • International student advisement
  • International trade
  • International relations
  • Broadcast and print journalism
  • Translation
  • Federal civil service

Undergraduate Advisor (French, German, Spanish)

Dr. Markus Muller

Phone: (562)985-4323



RGRLL houses the first interdisciplinary BA in French and Francophone Studies in the CSU. This program allows you to combine youre interests in French and Francophone cultures with the study of another discipline that interests you (eg., International Studies, Art History, etc.). Students in the program are strongly encouraged to study abroad for a summer, a semester, or a full year. There are quality affordable programs at the CSU level and through campus exchange programs.


Students may earn a minor in French & Francophone Studies by completing 18 upper-division units with a C or better. FREN 312 (6 units) required + 12 units of electives


Students may earn a minor in French & Francophone Studies by completing 12 units, of which 9 must be at the upper-division units with a C or better. FREN 312 (6 units) and FREN 314 required. If you enter the certificate directly at the upper-division, you must take 3 units of electives to reach the 12 unit threshold. Students must pass a commercial, externally administered oral proficiency test.


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