B.A. and Minor in French and Francophone Studies

B.A. and Minor in French and Francophone Studies

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Reflecting our college’s philosophy, the French and Francophone Studies Program is designed to develop cross-cultural awareness and to foster international understanding in a global world, an imperative need for our student body which is increasingly multi-lingual and multi-national, and comes from a variety of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Our program adds an exciting new dimension to the traditional curriculum by incorporating interdisciplinary and multi-media courses on the French and Francophone worlds. Our faculty is committed to excellence in teaching, as well as accommodating students’ needs, areas of interest and expanding their knowledge in the field. A degree in French places the world of international communication and culture at your fingertips. As one of the foremost languages of global diplomacy, international relations and business, and scholarship, a degree in French leads to careers in a number of exciting fields. It is also the preferred language for academic pursuit in the social sciences and critical studies. The Francophone world only begins in France, stretching far beyond the Champs-Elysées into Africa, Quebec, the Caribbean, and Tahiti. Additionally, a double major or a minor in French enhances any other degree program, making the student doubly marketable upon graduation. They pursue professions in teaching, business, travel, and diplomacy, to name only a few, continue their studies within our own M.A. program or pursue doctoral programs at Ph.D. granting institutions.  

Interdisciplinary Option

Statue in front of a building The Bachelor of Arts in French and Francophone Studies, Interdisciplinary Option, provides students with a thorough basis in the study of French language, history, literature, politics, and culture within a global context. This major provides a unique opportunity for students to address the cultural, economic, social, and political dimensions of Francophonie. The Interdisciplinary Option reinforces California State University, Long Beach’s established and recognized record as a leader in offering students a global pedagogical experience that can be transferred to the working world of the present and the future. Students completing the B.A. in French and Francophone Studies (Interdisciplinary Option) will acquire an interdisciplinary understanding of history, culture, and society of France that will prepare them for a broad range of career options both at home and abroad. These include international law and business, teaching, government and Foreign Service. In addition, the solid background in French and Francophone history and literature provides a strong foundation for further study at the graduate level in a variety of M.A. and Ph.D. programs. To meet new demands for professionals, the Bachelor of Arts in French and Francophone Studies (Interdisciplinary Option) combines courses from French literature and related fields in the arts and humanities. The Interdisciplinary Option will enable students to draw from a multifaceted disciplinary basis to interpret cultural phenomena and trends in a variety of global contexts. As the only California State University to approach French and Francophone Studies at the undergraduate level from both global and cross-disciplinary perspectives, California State University, Long Beach recognizes the cooperative and symbiotic relationship connecting the disciplines of history and literature with respect to a comprehensive understanding of the Francophone World. French and Francophone Studies Interdisciplinary Option majors are required to develop a program of study in consultation with the program advisor. In addition to assisting students in the development of their program and providing advice on post-graduate options, the program advisor and director maintain close contact with each student in the major. Courses for the program have been selected to foster synergistic growth in French and Francophone language, literature, culture and history. Students begin the major at the third-year level, after they have completed two years of college French (or have acquired the equivalent competency). At the third year they will take advanced language and composition, survey courses in French and Francophone literature, and the appropriate courses in the interdisciplinary option selected. During the senior year, students will take French Civilization, specialized courses in the literature and history of France and the Francophone world, and the French and Francophone Studies Capstone course. Furthermore, students majoring in French and Francophone Studies will be encouraged to avail themselves of the opportunity to participate in a study abroad or internship programs.  

Minor in French and Francophone Studies

 In an increasingly multilingual, and multicultural world, a minor in French can provide you with that vital extra-qualification that can help you become the desirable candidate for your dream job. An additional in-depth knowledge about the workings of another culture will not only complement, but also enhance your chosen major. The number of students minoring in French at CSULB has increased dramatically in recent years. Students majoring in Art History, Communications, International Studies, Philosophy, History and Political Science have found a second home in our department.


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