Jodie Sullivan

Jodie Sullivan


B.A. Spanish 2019 | Single Subject Teaching Credential
Study Abroad: Santander Spain

High School Spanish Instructor
East Los Angeles


How did your studies in language and culture prepare you for your current job?

My study in languages prepared me to instruct a diverse group of students. It taught me how to appreciate and value different perspectives and cultures. Not only did the program teach me about the “mechanics” of Spanish (grammar, syntax etc.), what I am most grateful for is how it taught me how to analyze situations. It is one thing to know how to read/ write correctly, however, it is much more beneficial to learn how to analyze texts and situations. This is a skill I use all the time when I am teaching and a skill I try to instill in my students. This leads to critical thinkers which are a necessity in today’s world. Instead of just teaching what the “problem” is, they teach you why the problem became a problem in the first place. The Spanish program at CSULB does not just teach you the “how to” but they also teach you the “why.” Many classes I took delved into much deeper issues that explained why things are the way they are today and how history has impacted those issues. The program did an excellent job on connecting the past to our present. As a high school teacher, it is my job to prepare students for life after high school, whether that be college or the work force, therefore it is my job to teach them these invaluable skills to become successful critical thinkers.

Do you have any advice for students considering language and culture study?

Do it because it is so worth it. This kind of study makes you think in ways that you may never have thought in before. Ask for help when you need it because there are so many resources and wonderful professors available for you. By studying language and culture, you also study history, linguistics, literature and so much more. You really do learn so much about the world and how it is all connected.