Mission, Vision, Values



RGRLL seeks to provide an intellectually challenging, academically rigorous, and supportive environment to students in all our programs. We are committed to providing educational experiences and mentorship of the highest quality, and in particular, we strive to develop linguistically proficient and culturally competent students who can think critically, communicate effectively, and engage successfully in diverse professional environments.


The vision of RGRLL is:

  • to advance CSULB’s mission of a globally engaged public university by engaging its diverse student population and empowering them to become informed global citizens.
  • to provide opportunities for students to acquire languages and cultural competencies as important and valued skills and knowledge that they will put into practice in any career path they choose after graduation.
  • to assist California public schools by training future teachers.
  • to expand knowledge through research in language, literature, culture, linguistics, and translation.


As a department, we value:

  • the development of intellectual curiosity, critical and creative thinking and writing;
  • intercultural competency through the study of language, literature, culture, linguistics, and translation.
  • critical reflection on oneself and one’s culture(s) through interaction with other cultures.
  • high impact practices such as internships, study abroad, undergraduate and graduate research, collaborative assignments, and capstone courses.