Historical Society Of Long Beach

Historical Society Of Long Beach

The Historical Society of Long Beach houses a treasure trove of Balboa artifacts, more than the listing below. The website includes information about their collection, upcoming events, tips for researchers and easy online navigating where visitors can purchase books and other HSLB items.

Partial Listing from  Press Clippings (The Balboa Scrapbook):

Posters/Flyers (events & announcements)

Page No. (Scrapbook)

Baseball Game—University City vs Balboa  201
Call to Scenario Writers (Jan. 17, 1914) 35
Balboa/Box Office Attraction (Fox) Collaboration, MPW   
(May 9, 1914)
“Watch for Balboa,” U.K. Advertisement 75, 83, 116
Addresses of British agents (Balboa)  192
Spreadsheet of Balboa Stars (Morning Telegraph,
Aug. 02, 1914)

Poster/Flyers (movies)

Page No. (Scrapbook)

Abide with Me 52
Gypsy Love 156, 213
Hunchback of Cedar Lodge, The 127, 129, 151-152
Sacrificial Fires 169
St. Elmo  182
Sea Wolf, The (Jack London);                                                

Balboa’s version was entitled Cruise of the Hell-Ship

7, 20, 23
153-154, 165-166

Silver Lining, The 247
Unexpected, The; Nerve (London’s To Kill a Man) 109-110, 123, 170, 220
Will o’ the Wisp, The 98, 126, 143-144, 145-147, 179


Page No. (Scrapbook)

Two-sided “Rules to Scenarists,” one side the rules, the other side 8 scenes for The Human Soul 248-249
Balboa letterhead—rejection notice, signed by Frank M. Wiltermood 214
Letters of praise—the British find picture “perfect” 136, 148
Cards/Tickets Page No. (Scrapbook)
Invitation to Christmas Gala at the Hotel Virginia (December 24, 1913) 31
Complete booklet of dance program/May Day Ball (1914) 65
May Day Ball ticket 5
Cardiff, Wales, card for Balboa 134
Box Office special invitation to exhibit Balboa Productions 88
Programs/Menu Page No. (Scrapbook)
Complimentary Banquet & Dance/Menu 1
Music suggestions for St. Elmo 157
Music cue sheet for St. Elmo  180
Souvenir of 1st Annual Photo-Play Ball  82
St. Elmo (primo program) photos/text 114
Program—Path of Sorrow  102

Photos of Balboa Stars

Page No. (Scrapbook)

Henry Stanley 27
Dorothy Davenport 229
Sidney Ayres, Larry Peyton, Ray Gallagher, Frank Erlanger, Harriett Jansen, Jeannie MacPherson, Eugenie Forde 46
Mollie McConnel 53
Robert Grey, Henry King 54, 93
Neva Gerber 70

Other Balboa Items/Artifacts at the Historical Society of Long Beach:

Audio Tape

  • HSLB audio


  • Balboa Films: A History and Filmography of the Silent Film Studio
  • On Location in Long Beach


  • Daily Variety
  • Long Beach: A Story of Downtown Renewal

Print, Photographic

  • Workers standing in studio
  • Roy Bush at piano and Lou Cody in The Shooting of Dan McGrew
  • James Harlan at studio
  • Images of the studio, interior and exterior views
  • Balboa players making movies
  • Fatty Arbuckle et al.
  • President Horkheimer and Charles Chaplin
  • Two views of Balboa Feature Films
  • People standing beside Balboa Films car
  • Composite of Balboa officers and photo of the lot
  • Office bungalows at studio
  • Set for the serial, Neal of the Navy
  • Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton at Balboa

Slide Carousel


  • Long Beach video