Minor in Russian

Minor in Russian

There has never been a better time to study the Russian Language and Russian than in this exciting era of “The Third Revolution.” For the first time ever it is now conceivable to think about spending time in the homes of ordinary Russian citizens or to invite Russians to visit here in the United States. As the relations between the United States and Russia continue to evolve, students should no longer think of Russian Studies solely as a defensive tool i.e., for employment with the Agencies – CIA, NSA, etc.), but they also ought to regard such preparation as a potential instrument for promoting world peace through commerce (e.g., joint ventures) and communication (e.g., Peace Corps and teaching English in Russia). With these diverse ends in mind, we proudly offer the Minor in Russian.

Prerequisites: RUSS 100, RUSS 200 and nine additional units must be taken in upper division course work: RUSS 310, 410, 428, 499; GEOG 318; HIST 341A, 341B.

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Lecturer of Russian, Dr. Jesse O’Dell – Jesse.ODell@csulb.edu