With over 570 million speakers worldwide, proficiency in Spanish will open doors for you in the global community. Whether you seek intensive language study, classes that cultivate cultural competency, professional skills, or critical thinking and writing abilities, we have something for each of you. CSULB has been designated a Hispanic-serving institution by the U.S. Department of Education. The Spanish program at CSULB plays a vital role in our bilingual state through deep ties to local Spanish-speaking communities, offering our students opportunities for real-world engagement such as teacher preparation, internship opportunities, theater workshops, and co-organized events at the Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA).

Our department offers classes for Heritage Speakers of Spanish designed specifically for students with familial or community ties to Spanish. These classes focus on the specific needs of Heritage Speakers in order to strengthen their reading and writing skills and expand their presentational skills to speak in professional settings.

With a rich cultural legacy and literary tradition, Spanish can expand your mind and broaden your perspectives. It is a gateway to professional opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. From healthcare, to business, education, the law – wherever your career goals may lie – Spanish can help you get farther and do more.

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You will be welcomed into an active community of scholars and learners that likes to have fun while exploring multiple dimensions of culture, literature, and, of course, language. You will enjoy:

A VARIETY OF OFFERINGS. including classes in conversation, professional Spanish, linguistics, cinema, culture, and literature.

PERSONALIZED ATTENTION. You’ll get to know every faculty member and many students in the program. We’re big enough for a wide range of interests, but close enough to form a real community.

SPANISH FOR SPANISH SPEAKERS. You can avail of classes offering targeted instruction that address the specific needs of heritage speakers.

THE OPPORTUNITY TO EASILY DOUBLE-MAJOR OR MINOR. Spanish pairs perfectly as a double major or minor to hundreds of other academic programs at The Beach: Linguistics, International Studies, Art History, Political Science (Global Politics track), Music, Business, Journalism, Mathematics, Economics, other languages...even the sciences.

PREPARATION FOR ANY JOB. Whether your goal is to become a schoolteacher, or to explore other fields like entertainment, travel and tourism, business, publishing, translation, finance, healthcare, or the arts, proficiency in Spanish will be an asset to you.

STUDY ABROAD. Ready for a life-changing experience? We have year-long programs through CSUIP in Mexico (Queretaro), Chile (Santiago), or Spain (Madrid, Jaén, Granada); semester-long direct exchange programs in Mexico (Guadalajara), Argentina (Buenos Aires), Spain (Alicante, Madrid, Salamanca), Chile (Santiago), Peru (Lima). If you prefer another Spanish-speaking destination with a private provider (Guatemala, Costa Rica, and beyond), we will work with you to figure out your transfer credit. Plus, we have some scholarship funds designated for students in our program.

THE BEST OF THE BEACH IN ONE DEPARTMENT. Our program is housed in the most vibrant department in the College of Liberal Arts, with more Student Clubs and intellectual and social events than free time on your calendar!

LA COUNTY has, by far, the largest Spanish-speaking population of any county in the US.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. Long Beach is located at the southern tip of Los Angeles County and sits—as its name suggests—along the Pacific. There’s surf, sun and sand galore, along with many regional parks, cultural venues, and sporting events happening year-round (including hosting four events during the 2028 Olympics – prepare for those jobs in translation and interpretation!).


The Master of Arts in Spanish provides advanced knowledge of Spanish and Latin American literature, its history, and major writers and works, combined with the aims and methods of scholarly research in the field. The MA program also prepares students in linguistics and Second Language Acquisition. While some of our MA graduates go on to doctoral study in literature, others pursue careers in education, translation, international brand or event management, public health, development, and business. 

  • 30-unit degree
  • limited number of Teaching Associate positions available to qualified candidates
  • training in language pedagogy provided
  • Competitive and limited number of Equity Scholarships available

Questions? Contact the Spanish Graduate Advisor.

Spanish M.A. Useful Links

Spanish MA Application Form.
Spanish M.A. Peninsular Reading List 2009-Spring 2017
Spanish M.A. Peninsular Reading List Fall 2017 and beyond.
Spanish M.A. Latin American Reading List Fall 2009-Spring 2017
Spanish M.A. Latin American Reading List Fall 2017 and beyond.


RGRLL's Spanish program offers classes in language, conversation, business Spanish, cinema, translation, linguistics, literature and culture through highly interactive classes. Films, guest lectures, and special events showcase the literatures and cultures of Spanish-speaking world regions. Study abroad opportunities include summer-, semester,- or year-long programs. There are quality affordable programs at the CSU level and through campus exchange programs.

This major requires 39 upper-division units in Spanish (21 units in the core, 18 units of electives).

Students who graduate with a BA in Spanish find many career opportunities open to them. Recent alumni have gone on to the credential program, jobs in translation, retail, public service, higher studies in social work, law school or business school, and some continue their graduate studies in French. Whatever career appeals to you, proficiency in Spanish will assuredly be an advantage.

Some Careers Our Graduates Have Pursued:

  • Communications, Digital Media, Public Relations
  • Translation
  • Linguistics
  • Marketing
  • Diplomacy and foreign service
  • Post-secondary and secondary education
  • International student advisement
  • International trade
  • International relations
  • Broadcast and print journalism
  • Federal civil service

BA in Spanish Advising Checklist

Questions? Contact the Spanish Undergraduate Advisor.



RGRLL houses an innovative interdisciplinary BA in Spanish. This program allows you to combine your interests in Spanish and Latin American literatures and cultures with the study of another discipline that interests you (eg., Journalism, International Studies, Art History, etc.). Study abroad opportunities available for summer-,  semester-, or year-long programs. There are quality affordable programs at the CSU level and through campus exchange programs. 

This major requires 39 upper-division units total: 24 units in Spanish (21 units in the core, 3 units of electives) and 15 units in a related disciplinary area (see Catalog

BA In Spanish Interdisciplinary Studies Advising Checklist

Questions? Contact the Spanish Undergraduate Advisor.


Students may earn a minor in Spanish by completing 18 upper-division units with a C or better. SPAN 300 (6 units) required + 12 units of electives.

Minor In Spanish Advising Checklist

Questions? Contact the Spanish Undergraduate Advisor.


Heritage speakers of Spanish may earn a certificate of Professional and Conversational Competence to improve their language skills for professional settings. 12-15 units + the Avant Spanish Heritage Language Test.

Questions? Contact Dr. Maria Carreira.

  • With over 550 million speakers, Spanish is one of the five most spoken languages in the world.
  • 13% of the US population speaks Spanish at home, making it the second most widely spoken language in the US.
  • The US Hispanic population reached 62.1 million in 2020. Latinx folk account for 48% of the population in New Mexico, 39% in California and in Texas, and 26% in Florida.
  • With official status in 21 countries and sizable populations of speakers in many other countries, including the United States, Spanish can be heard in just about in every corner of the world.
  • With over 50 million native or bilingual speakers, Spanish is a living language in the US. It serves real-world needs well beyond classroom walls.
  • 39% of LA county residents speak Spanish at home, making it the county with the largest Spanish-speaking population in the country.

University Catalog: Spanish

Teaching Credential: Single Subject Credential Program: Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

Teaching English in Spain: North American Language and Culture Assistants Program (NALCAP), Spanish Ministry of Education

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