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French Club

Club Officers:

  • President: Tensi Cherry
  • Vice President: Danny Pham
  • Treasurer: Bryan Vasquez-Hernandez
  • Secretary: Jacob Otoo

Faculty Advisor:

  • Aparna Nayak

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German Studies Student Association


  • President: Alejandro Smit
  • Vice President: Zeki Polat
  • Treasurer: Nic Ayson
  • Secretary: Traneka Harris

Faculty Advisor:

  • Dr. Robert Blankenship 

Regular Meetings: 

  • Stammtisch is the weekly meeting of the German Club. This is a great opportunity to get know other students and professors and catch up on what has been and will be happening in the German Club. 
  • Tafelrunde is a weekly meeting of German Speakers and learners to practice using German.


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Club Italia


Are you looking for a group of peers with whom to explore your interest in Italian and Italian American Culture? Then join Club Italia! Cultural events, Italian conversation groups, and leadership possibilities await you!

Club Officers:

  • President: Antonina Campbell
  • Vice President: Ailyn Saavedra
  • Treasurer: Lesly Valtierra
  • Secretary: Mikki Jerman

Faculty Advisor:

  • Dr. Enrico Vettore 

Regular meetings: The conversation hour  Tavola Italiana :

The First and Third Wednesday of each month 4:30-5:30 Graziadio Center.



  • To provide leadership by presenting a cohesive course of action to advance the academic, cultural, social, and professional objectives of the students.
  • To instill in the students of CSULB a desire to grow as a person, whether it be academically, professionally, or culturally.
  • To promote positive images of Italian and Italian-American culture through planned events that include students, faculty members, and the community.




Slavic Student Union


  • President: Eric Purcell
  • Vice President: Elizaveta Evtushenko 
  • Secretary: Jazmin Arellano Gallardo
  • Quaternary Officer: Rhiannon Parent

Faculty Advisor:

  • Jesse O’Dell

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The Spanish Club @ The Beach Officers:

  • President: 
  • Vice President: 
  • Treasurer: 
  • Secretary: 
  • Event and Fundraising Chair: 
  • Community Service Director: 
  • Historian: 

The Spanish Club @ The Beach Faculty Advisor:

  • Patricia Amezcua 

Meeting Days & Times:

  • TBD 

Spanish Club At The Beach Mission

  • The club was created with the desire to provide all CSULB students opportunities to engage with the diverse cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. 
  • We aim to strengthen relationships with, and give back, to our local Spanish-speaking communities; through service projects in collaboration with RGRLL.
  • To host events and various activities including, but not limited to celebration of holidays, Spanish conversation groups, sponsoring of guest speakers, sponsoring of events related music, dance, and food of Spanish-speaking communities.

Useful Links

CSULB Spanish Program

Study and Internships Abroad

Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish National Honor Society

Spanish Graduate Student Association

SGSA Officers:

  • President:  Yan Hua Situ Zhou
  • Vice President: Gabriela Leon
  • Treasurer: Cristina Cabezas
  • Secretary: Gail Smith & Silvia Rosales
  • Representative: Gail Smith

SGSA Faculty Advisor:

  • Dr. Daniel Herrera Cepero 

SGSA’s Mission:

  • To develop a professional networking experience for Spanish Graduate Students
  • To develop professional relationships among faculty members and graduate students outside of the classroom
  • To create an atmosphere for active SGSA members to demonstrate their intellectual abilities
  • To provide leadership opportunities for active members, including being an SGSA Officer
  • To create more opportunities for SGSA members within the university and beyond

Useful Links

CSULB Spanish Program

Study and Internships Abroad

Sigma Delta Pi, Spanish National Honor Society



Translation At The Beach


Translation At The Beach Officers: 

  • President: Garooneh Khachatori
  • Vice President: Ivonne Camacho
  • Treasurer: Pamela Deras
  • Secretary: Rodrigo Montes de Oca
  • Social Media Manager: Estafania Pulido
  • Tutoring Committee Chair: Nickee O’Bryant
  • Publicity Chair: Kelly Olvera

Translation at The Beach Faculty Advisor:

  • Dr. Giulia Togato 

Useful Links

Translation Studies Club Web Page