Sociology Participant Pool

Flyer for sociology participant pool. The flyer is orange, and provides text on the sociology participant pool.

Are you interested in becoming a research participant? Then join the Sociology Participant Pool today!

Much of the research that sociologists do is only possible when members of the campus and local community volunteer their time. Your willingness to share your experiences, participate in various activities, and encouraging others to become participants are what help us enrich our discipline and honor those who contributed to our studies through our scholarship.

To join, visit the Sociology Participant Pool website by clicking here or by copying the following web address into your browser ( Follow the instructions for using your Beach ID to complete your account and stay posted for upcoming study opportunities. You can also access the website by using the camera function on a smartphone and hovering over QR Code in the flyers that are posted throughout campus.

  1. You are not required to participate in any study offered in the Sociology Participant Pool.
  2. Some studies may offer compensation in the form of a cash payment or gift card as an incentive for participating. Please review the details of each study for more information.
  3. Study opportunities listed in the Sociology Participant Pool are not affiliated with those from the Department of Psychology or Department of Marketing.

For more information, please email Dr. Chantrey J. Murphy (