Honors Program

Sociology Honors Program

The Sociology Honors Program (SHP) at CSULB is designed for ambitious and committed sociology majors to gain rigorous experience in independent research. Consisting of a year-long (two semester) thesis seminar, the Program seeks to produce graduating seniors capable of conducting graduate school-level research and writing. Students will be mentored through the research process, including formulating a research topic, conducting a literature review, collecting and analyzing data, and writing and presenting their research. Students who successfully complete the program will receive departmental honors along with their BA in Sociology and will have gained preparation for graduate school or other research-oriented careers.

Minimum requirements for application:

  • 3.5 GPA (This may be waived under certain circumstances; students who have recently transferred to CSULB are encouraged to apply even if they do not yet have CSULB GPAs.)
  • Completion of the four core lower division sociology courses: 100, 142, 170 and especially 270 (Intro to Research Methods)
  • Completion or concurrent (fall) enrollment in Sociology 355 (Quantitative Methods) OR  354 (Qualitative Methods).
  • Expected graduation date of spring or fall 2025.

Completion requirements:

  • 6 units (split across two semesters) of the Sociology Honors Thesis Seminar (488H & 489H).
  • A senior’s thesis to be evaluated by the SHP instructors.

Recruitment typically begins in late February/early March. 


For more information, email Program Coordinators Roberto Ortiz (roberto.ortiz@csulb.edu) or Esa Syeed (esa.syeed@csulb.edu).