For Prospective Employers

Prospective Employers

The following internet sites have links and search engines that will allow you to access information about thousands of jobs in California, the US and internationally.


Electronic Network for Latin American Careers and Employment – This website has over 150 links to jobs in Government, Higher Education, International Organizations, NGOs, Non-Profit Organizations, Think Tanks and the Private Sector.


International Career Employment Center – The positions listed here generally are those for which the employer urgently needs candidates, and in many cases the qualifications are highly specialized. If you are a Member of the International Career Employment Center, you will receive listings of over 500 current international career openings which are not listed here. These will include a wide range of mid-level and senior level positions with nonprofit and profit organizations, based all around the world, as well as entry level and internship positions. – This website has extensive resources and advice for students and graduates who want to work (or go to school) abroad in a wide range of careers.

NON-PROFIT AND PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS: – Search engine for Hispanic and Diversity Jobs (over 10,000 job listings).

Non Profit Oyster – search engine for non-profit jobs in the US (and it’s territories) and Canada. – search engine for non-profit jobs in social justice.

Foundation Center – Search engine for thousands of jobs listed in the Philanthropy News Digest, a service of the Foundation Center.