Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies

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The WGSS Department recognizes that recent acts of racist terror committed under the authority of the police are only one example of the structural racism that characterizes this country. We grieve the loss of life. We stand committed to the mission of reconciliation and education that we see as essential to move in the direction of the eradication of the racism embedded in every institution that comprises the United States. Integral to that mission, we oppose militarism, dictatorship, and the abuse of power threatened by federal government. We encourage our students and alumni to continue their productive work towards racial justice.

WGSS Statement Condemning Anti-Asian Racism and Violence:

The Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) stands with the victims, survivors, families, and communities that have been the target of anti-Asian racist violence. The latest mass shooting targeting Asian-run massage parlors in Atlanta is a reminder that such violence cannot be viewed in isolation but as a part of a broader historical pattern of white nationalist supremacy, military-sanctioned violence, and patriarchal imperialist constructions of racialized others mapped onto Asian bodies and communities.

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