Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award

November 18, 2010

Dr. Tim Caron


Whether he is inside the classroom or swinging a hammer in a righteous cause in Louisiana, Dr. Tim Caron inspires his students to be excellent writers, thinkers and humanitarians. During his 12-year tenure at CSULB, Dr. Caron has taught 25 courses, including two innovative classes he developed, the Alternative Spring Break class and a year-long, team-taught, research collaborative course on comics and graphic novels.

Developed after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast region in 2005, the Alternative Spring Break course (UNIV 300) examines the history and culture of New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina’s impact upon the Gulf Coast and the nation, and political and policy decisions that contributed to the city’s destruction. A service learning course, students travel to New Orleans during spring break to rebuild homes. In doing so, they learn the value of humanitarian action, inspiring many to go on to work for organizations like the Peace Corps, Ameri-Corps and Teach for America.

Collaborating with Dr. Nhorra Serrano, Dr. Caron also developed the first course at CSULB, and one of the few in the country, devoted to graphic novels (CLA 496/596). His dedication to his students’ success extends outside of the classroom as Dr. Caron provides guidance to students writing abstracts and papers for submission to national and regional conferences.

The students who have taken his classes laud him as one of the most informed, engaging and devoted professors they have ever had.

Dr. Caron serves as director of the University Honors Program. He has also served as interim chair of the Comparative World Literature and Classics and Linguistics departments.