Dr. Tanya Golash-Boza Guest Lecture on "Mass Deportation and Global Capitalism in the 21st Century

October 27, 2014

Dr. Golash-BozaThe Departments of Sociology and English, along with the Sociology Student Association, invite you to a talk by Dr. Tanya Golash-Boza of the University of California, Merced. Dr. Golash-Boza’s presentation will cross several disciplinary fields, addressing several issues related to demographics, media and racial/ethnic representation, and U.S. politics and government policy. Q&A discussion will follow her presentation.

Dr. Tanya Golash-Boza is Associate Professor of Sociology at the UC Merced, and the author of four books: Race and Racisms: A Critical Approach (Oxford UP, 2014), Due Process Denied: Detentions and Deportations in the United States (Routledge, 2012), Immigration Nation: Raids, Detentions, and Deportations in Post-9/11 America (Paradigm Publishers, 2012), and Yo Soy Negro: Blackness in Peru (UP of Florida, 2011). In addition, Dr. Golash-Boza has published widely on topics dealing with immigration, deportations, racism and racial identity, U.S. Latina/os, and Latin America. More information on Dr. Golash-Boza’s work can be found at the following website: http://radprof.weebly.com/.

For any questions or additional information, contact Dennis Lopez at Dennis.Lopez@csulb.edu. This event is free and open to anyone. Be sure to attend!