Drive-By Theatre Double Feature: Brecht+60/Kleist+205

September 27, 2016

Drive-By Theatre: Brecht and Kleist ImageThe Department of RGRLL and the German Program will be hosting a conference on Brecht and Kleist.  The conference commemorates the afterlives and influences of Brecht (d.1956) and Kleist (d.1811) in the US, is intended for both students and scholars, and will be open to the general public. The influences of these two authors span far more than only the field of German Literature, including a diverse range of disciplines, such as Theater, Film, Music, and Comparative Literature. The conference will be accompanied by musical and theatrical performances and two film screenings.

 All papers will be presented in English; films will be shown with subtitles.

See the program linked below for complete details to days and times for the individual presentations.

Downloable (PDF) program for the Brecht and Kleist event.