In past years, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields have been dominated by men, and it’s about time that changed!Engineering Girls Donation Link

This program is ran solely using donations from people like you, and with your help, we hope to continue to motivate young women to strive for the highest successes possible. The goal of the EGI program is to encourage young women to remain motivated in academia and informed of the opportunities that are available to them, and we aim to reach as many young women as possible and hold as many workshops as possible to allow for the most benefit. 

How can I help support the interns?

Donations can be made using the Engineering Girls donation platform, and all donations go directly to the program and supporting the young women interns!

Any donation helps! Some of the main donations options are:

  • Monetary donation of any amount: All donations are appreciated, no matter the size. 
  • Sponsor an intern: We would love to supply this opportunity to as many young women as possible, and with this option, you can help us finance another intern through this experience!
  • Corporate Matching: Depending on your place of work, this can be a great way to help your donation go further!

*See below for details

What will my donation be used for?

A standard charitable donation to the program will be used to:

  • Purchase materials needed for the workshops (programmable robots, computer/software maintenance, various mechanical equipment, etc.)
  • Fund the weekend-long housing and board for the young women throughout the internship
  • Fund the overhead for conducting the workshops

Sponsor an Intern

Because this program is conducted fully through charitable donations, we have been forced to restrict the number of interns we can accept into the program each year. With this donation option, you allow for us to give this once in a lifetime opportunity to one more young woman! A donation amount of $2,000 will supply the funds necessary to expand the program further and supply this internship opportunity to another academically gifted young woman. 

Corporate Matching

Depending on your place of work, this may be a great option! You may be able to double or triple the size of your gift to the Engineering Girls Internship program if your employer has a charitable matching gift program. Find out if you or your employer offers a charitable match or contact us at 562.985.5294 or via e-mail at with questions regarding corporate matching. 

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Not all heros wear capes!
The 2015-2019 programs were funded in part by a generous donation from Ms. Enid J. Busser.  We thank Ms. Busser for her support!