Featured Intern

Featured Intern 

Throughout our successful program years, we have had participation from some phenomenal young female minds.  In an attempt to highlight the individual success of our past interns, we have created this page to allow for us to spotlight and congratulate past interns’ success.

Esther Chu participated in our 2017 EGI program, and she is currently attending UC Berkeley majoring in Bioengineering. 

We wish you the very best with your academic and career endeavors! 

Esther Chu

“Hello! My name is Esther Chu and I am majoring in Bioengineering at UC Berkeley, the 2023 #3 Best Engineering School for undergraduates in the nation and #4 in the nation in Undergraduate Bioengineering according to the U.S. News & World Report. I chose to major in Bioengineering due to its expansive nature and potential in furthering the medical field. I also enjoy how Bioengineering allows me to apply both hands-on and investigative skills to developing medical technology. Much of this self-discovery was influenced by my participation in the 2017 Engineering Girls Internship where my main goal was to become exposed to the various disciplines of engineering. From the exposure I gained, I was able to realize what I was passionate about in the field of engineering and what area of engineering I wanted to continue to pursue. Overall, I am grateful for the opportunity the Engineering Girls Internship offered to young girls like me to get a headstart in exploring the engineering field!”