Featured Intern

Featured Intern 

Throughout our 10 successful program years, we have had participation from some phenomenal young female minds.  In an attempt to highlight the individual success of our past interns, we have created this page to allow for us to spotlight and congratulate past interns’ success.

Christine Panlasigui participated in our 2012 EGI program, and since then, she has continued to excel academically and professionally! We are honored to congratulate Christine on her acceptance into the US Military Academy-West Point as a Civil Engineering major for the upcoming year!

Congratulations Christine and may you continue to be rewarded for your bright mind and determination!

Christine Panlasigui

“Having chosen to attend the 2012 Engineering Girls Internship, my vision then was to explore the field of engineering as a head start in preparation of life after high school.  The week-long learning immersed the participants into the vast area of engineering, not only in classroom setting and experiments but onsite visits as well. At the end program, it solidified my interest in a math-related career.  I was accepted to various UC schools and service academies but my desire to be among the growing number of women interested in protecting the sovereignty of our nation made me chose to attend the U.S. Military Academy – West Point, the 2017 #1 Top Public School and #4 Best Undergraduate Engineering Program in the annual U.S. News & World Report and also the top military school in the world. Currently, I am a plebe (freshman) and I will be majoring in Systems Engineering with concentration on either Operations Research or Engineering Management and hopefully join the Corps of Engineers or the Signal Branch of the U.S. Army once I graduate. Overall, the Engineering Girls Internship provides the opportunity for us girls to have interest in male-dominated STEM related professions.” – Cadet Christine Panlasigui