Elsa Ramos: Multi-Service Center Coordinator for the City of Long Beach. Guess her Major?

October 8, 2014

Sociology Major

Major: Sociology

Degree(s): BA, California State University, Long Beach, class of 2000

Image of Elsa Ramos

Elsa Ramos

Elsa Ramos has always wanted to help people with macro level issues pertaining to psychology. In order to explore the possibilities while at CSULB, she took an internship in the Department of Public Health, where she worked outreach and gained a broader perspective with her education. In her current position at the City of Long Beach, Elsa coordinates multiple services to end homelessness, including program operations, on site non-profits and scheduling services in order to end homelessness with veterans and civilians. From her 7 years at the City of Long Beach, she helped raise the success rate of those entering the program. As a professional, she said she was, “proud to be a part of that process”. Her degree in Sociology allowed her to apply her knowledge of the different social systems, system impacts, labeling theory, and limited access to city and government programs to a fulfilling career addressing the broken social systems.

Elsa’s Professional Road Map:

  • Multi-Service Center Coordinator- City of Long Beach
  • Service Coordinator- Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center
  • Outreach Service-The Department of Public Health