Faculty Publications: Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies – Winter Break 2021-2022

December 15, 2021

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Ten entries from the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Entries include a new edition of Christopher Marlowe’s The Jew of Malta, as well as studies of Iberia, Spain, and the Mediterranean during the medieval period.

Gasior, Bonnie. “Década de 1930: La autobiografía y el <<raro perfil psicológico>> de <<el mejor poeta de su tiempo>>.” La recepción literaria de Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz: un siglo de apreciaciones críticas (1910-2010). Rosa Perelmuter, ed. Biblioteca Batioja: Instituto de Ideas Auriseculares (IDEA)2021, pp. 97-119. 

—. “Enrique Iglesias, Madonna and . . . ¿San Juan de la Cruz? Teaching Mystic Poetry Through Pop Music.” In Reconsidering, 2021, pp. 263-73.

—. “Free Minds Book Club: Students Reading and Responding to Incarcerated Writers’ Poetry.” Honors Practice: Brief Ideas about What Works in Honors, Digital Commons at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2021, Vol. 17, pp. 260–62.

Badía, Mindy and Bonnie Gasior, eds. Reconsidering Early Modern Spanish Literature through Mass and Pop Culture: Contemporizing the Classics for the Classroom. Juan de la Cuesta Hispanic Monographs, 2021.

Gasior, Bonnie and Yolanda Gamboa. “From Houses to Humilladeros: Violence, Fear and Zayas’s Female Monster-Victims.” Peculiar Lives in Early Modern Spain: Essays Celebrating Amy Williamsen, Edited by Rob Bayliss, University Press of the South, 2020, pp. 239-252.

Kelleher, Marie. Constructing Iberian Identities, 1000-1700. Co-edited with Thomas Barton and Antonio Zaldívar. Forthcoming in 2022 with Brepols Press.

—. “Framing Mediterranean Famine: Food Crisis in Fourteenth-Century Barcelona.” With Adam Franklin-Lyons. Forthcoming in Speculum: A Journal of Medieval Studies 97:1 (January 2022).

—. “Medieval Spanish Women & Gender,” in The Routledge Hispanic Studies Companion to Medieval Iberia: Unity in Diversity, Michael Gerli and Ryan Giles, eds., 287-302. New York: Routledge, 2021.

—. Iberia, the Mediterranean, and the World in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods. Co-edited with Thomas Barton and Antonio Zaldívar. 7-article dossier for Pedralbes 40 (2020): 45-208.

Kermode, Lloyd, editor. Christopher Marlowe, The Jew of Malta. Norton Critical Edition. New York: Norton, 2021. 552pp.