FACULTY PUBLICATIONS: Geography – March 2022

March 1, 2022

Four entries from the Department of Geography. Entries include studies of the costs and benefits of harvesting rain water, a study and report on Southern California labor and community organizations, and a review of Don Mitchell’s Mean Streets: Homelessness, Public Space, and the Limits of Capital.

Dallman, Suzanne, Chaudhry, Anita, Muleta, Misgana and Juneseok Lee. 2021. Is Rainwater Harvesting Worthwhile? A Benefit-Cost Analysis. Journal of Water Management and Planning. 147 (4): paper was awarded the 2022 Quentin Martin Best Practice Oriented Paper in the Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management.

Hytrek, Gary. 2021. “Borrowed social performance: Labor and community organizations in Los Angeles and Long Beach, California.” In Mark Pendras and Charles Williams (eds.), Secondary Cities: Exploring Uneven Development in Dynamic Urban Regions. Bristol: Policy Press.

Gary Hytrek and Andres Temblador. 2021. Best Start Central Long Beach: PB 2020-2021 Report. Evaluation report prepared for First Five Los Angeles.  

Ashley D. Guerrero & Christine L. Jocoy (2022) Mean streets: homelessness, public space, and the limits of capital, Urban Geography, DOI: 10.1080/02723638.2021.2008717