Fall 2012 Latin American Film Series: "¡Vámonos Con Pancho Villa!" ("Let's Go with Pancho Villa")

October 1, 2012

¡Vámonos Con Pancho Villa! (Let’s Go With Pancho Villa, 1936), directed by Fernando de Fuentes, is based on Rafael Felipe Muñoz’s 1931 novel of the same title. The novel was adapted for the screen by Muñoz, de Fuentes, and poet Xavier Villaurrutia who at one time taught Nobel Prize winner for Literature Octavio Paz. Considered one of the great epic films about the Mexican Revolution, ¡Vámonos Con Pancho Villa! is the third film of the trilogy made by de Fuentes depicting a critical view of armed conflict and its effects on people. The film runs 92 minutes and is in Spanish with English subtitles.

Professor Luis Arroyo (CHLS) will give a presentation at this screening.

Admission is free, and parking is available in Lot 7. Classes and large groups are welcome.

Please see flyer for the upcoming screening and a complete list of sponsors.

Click here for additional information. Read Richard Manly’s Inside CSULB piece about this film series here.