German Program: Reading and Discussion in German and English

April 23, 2010

What happens when the language in which you live in is not the language in which you write? Renate Ahrens and Gabrielle Alioth, two authors who write in German and live in Ireland, both members of the PEN-Centre of German-Speaking Writers Abroad, talk about their experiences, what influences them, and the delights and difficulties of working and living in two languages and two cultures.

Gabrielle Alioth was born in Basel, Switzerland. After studying Economics and Art History, she emigrated to Ireland in 1984. Her first novel Der Narr (The Fool) was published in 1990 and was also broadcast as a radio play. Her seventh and most recent novel The Bride from Byzantium appeared in 2008.

Renate Ahrens moved to Dublin from her native Germany in 1986 and has since worked as a freelance author. In addition to numerous novels for children and adults, she has written plays stage and radio as well as scripts for children’s television programs. Her Sovel Zeit der Wahrheit was published in 2005.