Guest Lecture by Dr. Tom Bearwald: "National Science Foundation Funding Opportunities and Proposal-Writing Strategies"

February 8, 2011

Guest Lecture by Dr. Tom Bearwald, Program Officer, Geography and Spacial Science, National Science Foundation.

Dr. Bearwald will introduce faculty and students to the National Science Foundation, its funding approach, and strategies for submitting proposals to the organization. The presentation is a broad overview of the NSF and is geared toward a wide range of disciplinary interests. In addition to discussing the NSF in general, Dr. Baerwald will touch on and be happy to address questions on topics related to the following: NSF funding for Comprehensive Master’s Granting Institutions, NSF opportunities for Hispanic Serving Institutions, opportunities for students through NSF (both MA and BA), STEM-related research and the NSF, collaborative research across disciplines, and community-engagement projects.

NSF has a robust program of funding for Research in Undergraduate Institutions as well as programs across a number of scientific fields. In addition, there has been a growing conversation in the “science community” about collaboration across other fields, particularly those located in the humanities. Dr. Baerwald’s talk may lead to a broader campus conversation about funding opportunities and collaborative research projects.