Guest Lecture: Charlie Glickman Will Talk About Sex, Shame, and Love

April 15, 2013

Dr. Charlie Glickman will talk about sex, shame, and love.

Description: Shame influences and shapes sexuality for almost everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, and individual desires. If we want to overcome and move past sexual shame, we need to understand how it works and how it affects us. Dr. Glickman has been studying and exploring sexual shame for over a decade and he will unpack how it works. Developing shame resilience makes it easier to deal with this difficult but inevitable emotion, along with jealousy, loss, and fear. It also helps to create more space to give and receive love, explore our authentic selves, and build the relationships that suit us. Come learn new ways to keep shame from getting in the way and create the relationships that work for you.

Host: Department of Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies