CLA Internship Courses and Programs



Through internship courses, students bridge theory to practice and engage in meaningful professional development experiences that allow them to use the skills they have learned in their liberal arts degrees.

These skills include:

"" Planning and Organization "" Problem Solving & Creativity
"" Leadership & Collaboration "" Data Retrieval & Synthesis
"" Cultural Literacy "" Critical Thinking
"" Adaptability "" Emotional Intelligence
"" Effective Oral & Written Communication "" Language Proficiency

Watch these videos to understand how to determine if an internship qualifies for academic credit and what students learn in CLA 492

What Qualifies as an Internship?

CLA 492

College of Liberal Arts, C/LA 492: Internship in Liberal Arts
The College of Liberal Arts offers an internship course, C/LA 492. The course provides liberal arts students opportunities to develop professional skills, explore career options, network with professionals in their field, problem solve with peers, and make connections between classroom theories and concepts and their real-world experiences.  Students are required to complete 90 hours at an approved internship site. To learn more about getting academic credit for your internship, contact

Many departments offer their students the opportunity to earn course credit toward their major requirements by completing an internship. 
To learn more about these department-based internship courses, click on the links below. 

Communication Studies, COMM 492A-B
Geography, GEOG 492: Internship in Applied Geography & Environmental Science & Policy
(cross-listed as ES&P 495)
Human Development, HDEV 470: Seminar/Practicum
International Studies, I/ST 492: International Studies Internship/Foreign Study
Journalism and Mass Communications, JOUR 498: Internship
Political Science, POSC 447/448/496/498: Public Service Internship plus other specialized programs, POSC 418: Judicial Internship/Apprenticeship 
Psychology, PSY 405: Fieldwork in Psychology
Sociology, SOC 495: Internship
Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, WGSS 496: Internship, WGSS 498: Field Work