The College of Liberal Arts and many CLA departments provide students with the opportunity to earn course credit toward their degrees by working as interns in a broad array of government, business, media, and community organizations. Partnerships with organizations offer students and community partners an opportunity to forge mutually beneficial relationships.

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Student interns develop professional skills and apply their liberal arts degrees to real world challenges, while exploring the realities of a potential future career. Organizations gain motivated and talented team members as they increase their pool of recruits for future full-time positions. Faculty provide hands-on learning opportunities that help students connect the concepts learned in their courses to real world issues at their internship site.

CLA Internship Program Annual Report

Review the CLA Internship Program 2021/2022 Annual Report (PDF) to learn about the success of our students, how we provide professional development support to CLA faculty, and the partnerships we have cultivated with local organizations.


Internship Search Resources:

International Internships 

Virtual Internship Guide for Students (Download PDF file)
Resources and information to find virtual internships

CLA Internship Partners' Site
Explore the list of CLA Internship Partners and review their internship opportunities.

Career Development Center, CareerLINK


CSULB resources to find internship and job opportunities


CLA and many departments offer their students the opportunity to earn course credit toward their major requirements by completing an internship. 

College of Liberal Arts, C/LA 492: Internship in Liberal Arts
This course provides liberal arts students opportunities to develop professional skills, explore career options, network with professionals in their field, problem solve with peers, and make connections between classroom theories and concepts and their real-world experiences.  Students are required to complete 90 hours at an approved internship site. To learn more about getting academic credit for your internship, contact

To learn about department-based internship courses, click on the links below. 

Communication Studies, COMM 492A-B
Geography, GEOG 492: Internship in Applied Geography & Environmental Science & Policy (cross-listed as ES&P 495)
Human Development, HDEV 470: Seminar/Practicum
International Studies, I/ST 492: International Studies Internship/Foreign Study
Journalism and Public Relations JOUR 498: Internship
Political Science, POSC 447/448/496/498: Public Service Internship plus other specialized programs, POSC 418: Judicial Internship/Apprenticeship 
Psychology, PSY 405: Fieldwork in Psychology
Sociology, SOC 495: Internship
Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, WGSS 496: Internship, WGSS 498: Field Work


Professional development workshops prepare students for the internship search process, provide strategies for making the most of their internship experience, and engage students in personal and career development.

RSVP for Fall 2022 workshops here.

If you like to request accommodations, please contact

Fall 2022 Event Calendar


Virtual Internship Resources

In the wake of COVID-19, organizations are quickly changing how they get work done, which includes managing interns. We have gathered best practices for structuring virtual internships order for organizations to plan for successful onboarding, training, and impactful work. Using these strategies will help set your organization up for an effective virtual internship experience that benefits your organization and student interns.

What is a Virtual Internship?(download PDF File)

Best Practices for Virtual Internships(download PDF file)

CLA has a long history of sending our students out into the local Long Beach community and beyond. Currently, we have internship partnerships with over 200 organizations. Internship Partners are organizations that provide high-quality internship experiences to our CSULB College of Liberal Arts students. To see a list of our current partners, please click here.

Your organization can become an official CLA Internship Partner too! Contact cla-internships@csulb.eduto begin the process.

Step 1: Review our online CLA Internship Partner Training Videos to learn more about the program and requirements
Step 2: Complete the Employer Information Form
Step 3: Complete a Student Field Placement Agreement, which paves the way for meaningful CLA student participation at your workplace
Step 4: Promote internship opportunities through the CLA Internship Partners Program

There are many benefits gained by becoming an internship partner. More specifically, internship partners:

  • Can select potential interns from 31 departments and programs in CLA—hundreds of students each semester!
  • Targeted advertisement of internship opportunities through CLA- and department-specific internship course offerings
  • Streamline the completion of necessary paperwork and permissions
  • Recruit students with liberal arts skills: critical thinking, problem solving, organization, effective oral and written communication, and experience working with individuals of diverse backgrounds, just to name a few!
  • Learn best practices for supervision and mentoring of student interns that advance the work of the organization while ensuring student skill development
  • Increase the visibility of their organizations and important work to the CSULB community and beyond

CLA Career Readiness & Internship Programs Specialist

  • Provides one-on-one internship and career coaching for CLA students
  • Coordinates Career Readiness and Professional Development events and activities for CLA students
  • Communicates and establishes internship partnerships with organizations

""Michelle Chang
CLA Dean’s Office





Students are able to make an appointment with the Internship Specialist here or by contacting