Margaret Kuo (HIST) Awarded Two-Year USF Fellowship to Investigate China's Past

April 16, 2013

Margaret Kuo, an associate professor of Chinese history, was awarded a two-year fellowship at the University of San Francisco’s Center for the Pacific Rim, funded by an $86,250 grant from the EDS-Stewart Chair for 2011-13. The topic of her research is “Law and Morality: John C.H. Wu and the Making of Modern China.”

The EDS-Stewart Chair Fellowship promotes cross-cultural understanding and scholarly cooperation between China and the West, while the grant is meant for research, teaching, publications, public lectures and symposia on topics related to the study of encounters between Chinese culture and Christianity. Kuo’s grant is sponsored by USF’s Ricci Institute for Chinese-Western Cultural History, a premier global resource for the study of Chinese-Western cultural exchange with a core focus on the social and cultural history of Christianity in China.

Kuo was selected for the fellowship from an applicant pool of more than 80 other scholars. She expressed gratitude to the CSULB Office of Research and Sponsored Programs for supporting her fellowship, and to her department chair and deans.

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