Nancy Strow Sheley Published Her Essay “Curricular Commonalities in Conflicted Countries: U.S., Rwanda, and Cyprus”

March 11, 2013

Nancy Strow Sheley recently published her essay “Curricular Commonalities in Conflicted Countries: U.S., Rwanda, and Cyprus” in Issues on Education and Research: Volume 3 (Athens Institute for Education and Research, 2013).

Based on Fulbright-supported studies in Cyprus (2008) and Rwanda (2004), Sheley’s essay examines the commonalities of cultural conflicts that are rooted in faulty educational processes which often include a dependence upon rote learning, a belief in incomplete or biased historical narratives, a lack of critical thinking infused in learning, and educational structures that require obedience over critical reflection.  Further, her essay illumines the difficulties in U.S. schools with bullying and inadequate methods to deal with aggressive behavior.  Ultimately, Sheley argues that all three countries need improved curricula to ensure the education of better citizens for communities, countries, and the world.

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