Faculty Guide

Faculty Guidelines for Responding to Student Disclosures of Sexual and Dating Violence

Current Title IX policies at CSULB require faculty to report forward all information about sexual or dating violence to the Title IX Coordinator. For more information on how to proceed with a student disclosure to faculty please visit: https://www.csulb.edu/protocol-of-engagement 

These guidelines were developed by Not Alone at the Beach and have been approved by the CSULB Title IX Office and the Chancellor’s Office General Counsel.

We have also created an interactive video that highlights faculty guidelines for responding to students: 



  1. Student Discloses Sexual Assault, Intimate Partner Violence, Stalking, or Harassment
    Click for information about disclosure and types of misconduct
  2. Respond in a Supportive and Empathetic Way
    Click for information about how to emotionally support survivors
  3. Explain that Faculty are Required to Provide Details of the Incident to the Office of Equity & Diversity
    Click for information on your reporting obligation
  4. Explain What the Office of Equity & Diversity Can Do, but Assure Survivors That They Do NOT have to respond to OED contacts
    Click for information on the services & accommodations OED can provide
  5. Explain Options for Confidential Reporting
    Click for information about FREE & CONFIDENTIAL accommodations & support
  6. Connect the Student to Supportive Services
    Click for information about support services on and off campus
  7. Support Student’s Choices & Provide Ongoing Support
    Click for information about providing ongoing support