Flip the Script with EAAA

Flip the Script with EAAA,™ is an evidence-based sexual assault resistance program that has proven effective in reducing the likelihood of experiencing a completed or attempted rape.  The program focuses on female gender roles that make it difficult for college students to identify warning cues, take steps to avoid or escape risky situations, enlist help from bystanders, verbally resist attempts to manipulate or coerce them into unwanted sexual behavior, and utilize physical self-defense techniques to protect themselves from imminent harm.  The program includes four distinct units (3 hours per unit for a total of 12 hours) and includes a variety of interactive discussions, activities, videos, and self-defense techniques.  Each session includes the following units:

UNIT 1 (3 hours): Improve students’ assessment of the risk of sexual assault by coercive acquaintances and develop problem-solving strategies to reduce perpetrator advantages.

UNIT 2 (3 hours): Assist students to more quickly acknowledge the danger in situations that have turned coercive, explore ways to overcome emotional barriers to resisting the unwanted sexual behaviors of assailants who are known to them, and practice resisting verbal coercion.

UNIT 3 (3 hours): Explore and provide opportunities to overcome personal obstacles to resisting known assailants and offer instruction and practice in effective options for resistance, including 2 hours of self-defense training focused entirely on situations involving acquaintances.

UNIT 4 (3 hours): Provide sexual information and a context to explore their sexual attitudes, values, and desires and to develop practices and strategies for sexual communication.

This program is open to any cis- or trans-gendered student who identifies with female gender roles.  A complementary program targeting male gender roles is under development. 

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Food, beverages, and small thank you gifts will also be provided.