interACT Performance Troupe

interACT is a nationally recognized sexual assault prevention program that uses dramatic techniques to engage audience members in “rehearsing” effective bystander interventions. interACT invites audience members onto the stage to actively try out their ideas about what they would do in a given scenario, make alterations in these strategies with feedback from the cast and audience members, and to practice these behaviors in a safe, supportive environment. The performance theory behind this effort is that empowerment to act is more likely to occur when there is an emphasis on social action (of “doing” and actual practice) rather than on passive knowledge acquisition. InterACT performances are grounded in the broad research literature on sexual assault and relationship abuse, as well as social justice models of engaging men, women, and others across intersectional social positions and lived experiences.  Research finds interACT to be highly effective with university student populations (Ahrens, Rich & Ullman, 2011).

Under the auspices of NATB, Dr. Rich also created an innovative faculty ally training—the first in the nation–that deployed bystander intervention and social justice pedagogy to engage faculty on issues related to sexual/gender violence.  This scenario-based, hands-on training was designed to help faculty and staff better understand predatory violence and to learn collaboratively how to provide students (and each other) with appropriate support.  Trainings also offered faculty a better understanding of campus and off-campus resources and which agencies to contact for specific situations.

For general information about interACT, please contact managing director Kelly Janke at  For coordination of a campus event with Not Alone @ the Beach, contact Dr. Shelley Eriksen at

Please visit interACT’s website to learn more.