Outreach and Education Internship

Not Alone @ the Beach (NATB)

Fall 2024

Internship Description:  

This position will support the Not Alone @ the Beach (NATB) project which provides sexual violence survivor-centered services and gender/power-based violence prevention education to the CSULB community. Interns are an essential part of the NATB project; they provide valuable support in ensuring high visibility of project events and activities on campus through ongoing outreach efforts.  The outreach and education interns work 5-6 hours per week engaged in outreach activities, like overseeing and staffing tabling events, visiting classes, distributing program materials across campus, conducting research in teams, and helping to organize NATB prevention and awareness programs.  Interns also assist in conducting research on topics that help advance the NATB mission and collaborative partnerships.  

The internship team will meet once each week with the project director at a predetermined time.

Duties & Responsibilities

Primary duties pertain to promoting NATB’s campus visibility and student engagement, including the following duties:        

Mandatory attendance at intensive training 9-3:00 p.m. on Monday, August 19th.  
Attend weekly internship team meetings.
Read assigned readings relevant to NATB program content.
Conduct research on relevant topics as assigned by the program director.
Coordinate and staff tabling events and classroom/club presentations throughout the semester.
Distribute promotional materials (e.g., printed flyers, program merchandise) across campus and in classes.
Attend in person and online programming events and tabling events whenever possible.
Help to build and maintain campus partnerships with influential student organizations (e.g., ASI student government, student clubs, Athletics, FSL, HRL).
Learn and utilize team communication platforms (e.g., Trello, Microsoft Teams, etc.)

Qualifications/Skills Required

NATB internships are offered as college credit 
For college credit, students must enroll in a college-supported internship class (e.g., HDEV 470, C/LA 492, Soc 495, Psych 405) (units negotiable).
Must commit weekly time to coordinating and staffing tabling events and outreach activities in conjunction with other NATB interns.
Must be able to attend in-person tabling events and visit classes (in coordination with intern school schedule).
Willingness to conduct research as assigned.  
Outgoing, personable, and approachable.
Responsible, responsive, and well organized.
Team player with a positive attitude.
Ability to work with a diverse student population.
Ability to maintain confidentiality of project matters.
Willingness to learn about and work on sexual violence prevention, student safety, and wellness as important community education efforts.

Application Instructions

Submit current resume to project director, Dr. Shelley Eriksen, at  
Applications due May 3, 2024.
Completion of Zoom interview.