NATB Internships, Volunteer, and Career Development Opportunities in Sexual Violence Prevention, Survivor Advocacy & Response

Not Alone @ the Beach (NATB) is a campus/community partnership that provides comprehensive support services to survivors of sexual assault, and gender/power-based violence prevention education to the CSULB campus community. Because we are a university project, we are committed to advancing professional development opportunities for CSULB students who are passionate about supporting survivors and gaining experience in the advocacy world.  Toward that end, each semester we offer leadership training for students and internship opportunities (both paid and unpaid) with the Not Alone @ the Beach project.  We also coordinate internship opportunities with our community partners whose agencies provide support and prevention services for survivors of domestic violence, interpersonal violence, sexual assault, and stalking.  Click on the separate tabs for more information about NATB campus internship opportunities and our community-based internship program.


Students interested in volunteering can send the lead graduate assistant a letter of intent to during the semester prior if possible. A resume or CV would help facilitate the process, and a short interview would be conducted. See here for description. 

Campus Internships

Peer-Educator Opportunity

The NATB project hosts Flip the Script with EAAA, a sexual assault resistance education program that involves students peer-facilitators. This is a great opportunity to learn more about sexual assault research and prevention education, and to practice public speaking and to understand how program organization works. If you are interested, see here for a detailed description and guidance for applying.  

Paid Internships

College Credit Internships

The NATB project collaborates with departments who offer internship courses for their majors.  Typically, interested students enroll in a 3-unit internship course in their major and complete anywhere from 60-120 hours of work each semester in an area of focused activity related to the student’s professional interests.  Common internship courses include HDEV 470, PSY 405, SOC 495, Comm St 492a/b, CDFS 492B, CLA 492 and HSC 485.  NATB project staff work with students to develop learning objectives and a learning plan appropriate to NATB initiatives and in keeping with students’ professional development goals.  The NATB positions are typically generalists, assisting with broader NATB initiatives as needed each semester. Internships for credit are secured the semester prior to the actual internship so contact the host department well in advance to sign up for the appropriate department course.  Also during the semester prior, contact Leena Bowman, project assistant, at to discuss possible NATB internship duties, and to assist with the timely completion of the necessary internship paperwork required for enrolling for course credit.

Community Internships

Not Alone @ the Beach (NATB) is a campus/community collaborative that relies on the support and expertise of our many community agencies in the greater Los Angeles/Orange Counties who provide support services to survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, interpersonal violence and stalking.  Each year, we partner with community agencies to provide guided internship opportunities to CSULB students who wish to pursue career development opportunities in survivor advocacy, response and prevention.  See below for upcoming internship opportunities with our community partners.